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Donna Newman-Bluestein

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Donna (MEd, BC-DMT, LMHC), has worked with people from ages 3 to 106, whose wide range of abilities and special needs include dementia, mental illness, chronic pain, and coronary artery disease. Donna is a senior lecturer for Lesley University’s Graduate School of Arts & Social Sciences, supervises dance/movement therapists toward board certification, has taught at Kinections ™ and is currently Public Relations Chairperson for the American Dance Therapy Association.

The Dance in Dance Therapy

Edition: 2005 Vol. 4 No. 1

aesthetic expression, ritual, diagnostic assessment, pedestrian movement, movement interventions, transformation

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This article presents three extracts from a conversation on the ADTA listserve on the nature of the “Dance” in “Dance Therapy.” The conversation weaves through different aspects – from reflections on the elements – that make ‘the dance’ in Dance Therapy, to a discussion about cultural attitudes, the way in which the word ‘dance’ is used metaphorically, and ending with a poignant image of an historical depiction of dance. (pp 24-25)

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Seeing With The Heart: The Aesthetics of Dance/Movement Therapy With The Elderly

Edition: 2005 Vol. 4 No. 4

psychotherapy, professional development, group dynamics, phenomenology, group symbolism

This article “Seeing with the heart” was written to provide a background for the workshop presentation of the same title, delivered at the American Dance Therapy Association’s National Conference in October 2005.

After becoming curious about where the aesthetics of dance interfaces with the aesthetics of dance movement therapy with the frail elderly, the author describes her investigation from the perspective of her “aesthetics lens” whilst looking at the dance movement therapy groups she leads with the elderly with varying stages of dementia. (pp 2-4)

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LMA as Training and Evaluation Tool in Nonverbal Communication

Edition: 2012 Vol. 10 Nos. 1-2

dementia, person-centred, quality of life, non verbal communication

In 2010, dance/movement therapist Donna Newman-Bluestein piloted an embodied approach to training caregivers of people with dementia in relationship-centered nonverbal communication. Newman-Bluestein used Laban Movement Analysis, Mettler-based creative dance, and dance/movement therapy as a theoretical framework and as modes of transmitting experiential learning. (p. 29)

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