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Diana Fischman Kaphyap

Diana Fischman Kaphyap – Bio


Argentianian dance therapist and pioneer of Dance Therapy training and clinical application in Argentinia. Licensed in Psychology and Educational Sciences. Fulfilled a post-graduate degree in Psychoanalysis. Completing her Doctorate at Palermo University in Buenos Aires. In 2000 fulfilled ADTR by the ADTA.

From Buenos Aires to Australia – Dance Therapy in Argentina

Edition: 2002 Vol. 1 No. 2

Argentinean dance therapy association, movement and dance therapy global networks, dance politics

An outline of the emergence of dance therapy as a profession in Argentina is given, with reference to the historical steps for course development and the inaugural conference proceedings. The author expresses optimism for the profession, amidst complex national challenges and concludes with her own pathway to becoming a dance therapist. (pp 6-7)

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