ARBN 633105736

Cecilia Lau

Narrative Dance Theatre: Creating new narratives for the self story

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 4

Keywords: narrative, self, diversity, creative arts modalities, dance theatre, creativity

Page #: 36

Narrative Dance Theatre introduces a creative psychotherapeutic technique developed by the author which incorporates the principles of dance movement therapy, the ideas of self-object experience in self psychology, and the principles of narrative therapy to externalise and re-author an alternate narrative. Narrative Dance Theatre aims to offer insights to diversify the implementation of dance movement therapy with other forms of creative arts modalities and other facilitation styles. It aims to utilise creativity to broaden expressivity, to enrich the embodied healing experience and to create change within a psychotherapeutic setting. Narrative Dance Theatre can also be employed in the creative arena with the integration of psychotherapeutic elements during the creative making process to promote psycho-education and eliminate social stigma around mental health issues.



“The Treasure Hunt” – an early intervention DMT program

Edition: 2012 Vol. 10 Nos. 3-4

disabilities, special needs, early intervention, group work, attunement, Bartenieff Fundamentalism, families

Emerging from experiences teaching dance to children and offering creative dance to adults with disabilities, came the idea to create a DMT program focussed on early intervention for children experiencing disabilities to share a therapeutic group space with their parents. Focussing on the concepts of attunement in the parent-child bonds, the therapist hopes to create a ‘therapeutic living environment’ for the child, rather than just a one hour per week experience with her. Her activities in the program are discussed as offering experiences intending to; support integration of body movements, social interactions and relational patterns with their parents, raise self-awareness and to develop a healthy relational bonds and emotional boundaries. (pp 37-38)

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Cecilia Lau – Bio


Cecilia completed the Graduate Diploma in Dance/Movement Therapy at Wesley Institute and is an Associate member of DTAA. She was previously trained in modern dance, choreography and dance improvisation using Laban Movement Analysis and Martha Graham technique during her study in Bachelor of Arts (Theatre/Dance) at UNSW. Through her DMT training, she was given the opportunity to identify many physical, psychological and spiritual benefits that served as a source of healing through her previous and present dance/movement experience. She has developed a growing passion to promote the wisdom of embodiment through dance/movement to enhance the “living experience” for people coming from all walks in life.