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Betsy Kagan

Betsy Kagan – Bio


Betsy, MFA, CMA, taught by Irmgard Bartenieff, studied with Cecily Dell, worked with Martha Davis, Marion North, Warren Lamb, and Forrestine Paulay and danced with the Jean Erdman Theater of Dance and New Haven Dance Ensemble. Using Labanotation, she reconstructed several dances for performance and undertook the first comparative dance style analysis using LMA (CORD Dance Research Annual IX: 75-92, 1978.)

She worked with Joseph Pilates, Eve Gentry, and Andre Bernard, performed and presented her own choreography in numerous concerts and received an NEA fellowship. She has taught at LIMS, in Certificate Programs at many Universities, and has served on the LIMS Board of Directors. She has presented at numerous LMA conferences, was author of the 1976 Coding Sheet for Dance Style Analysis, and has co-authored several LMA-based articles. Personal health problems led her to connect with the healing potential of Irmgard’s work and she has directed herself towards teaching, and writing in relation to bridging the gap between the medical model and the movement knowledge available through LMA, developing a BF/LMA-based hands-on approach to movement therapy and rehabilitation.

Remembering Irmgard

Edition: Vol. 3 No. 4

Laban/Bartenieff, Bartenieff Fundamentals™, Labanotation, Alzheimers, movement analysis, pioneer

This article is reprinted with permission from the ADTA newsletter, Vol. 37, No.1 & 2, Spring & Summer, p. 16-18, 2003. Irmgard Bartneiff (1900 – 1981) is the founder of Bartenieff Fundamentals™, here she is remembered by her student Betsy Kagen in a reflective tone, with personal stories and intimate moments shared, whilst her learning is illuminated and exemplified. (pp 8-11)

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