ARBN 633105736

Angela Leung

Broadening the understanding of breast cancer experiences through movement-based exploration

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 4

Keywords: female breast cancer, transitional experiences, holistic, movement, dance movement, focus group

Page #: 115

This study was conducted with the aim of using a movement-based focus group approach to explore women’s holistic breast cancer experiences during the transition period following completion of primary medical treatment. The use of movement in this study makes it highly innovative in the context of breast cancer treatment with Chinese women living in Hong Kong. A constructionist framework was used to support the study’s methodology. Findings indicate that women’s breast cancer experiences during the transition period include bodily, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and relational aspects, which are interconnected. The results also reveal that non-verbal communication (drawing/writing and the created body shapes) broadened the women’s ability to express their breast cancer experiences. This study indicates that the inclusion of movement-based approaches may contribute to the enhancement of psychosocial research in women’s health studies in Hong Kong in the future.