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Angela Kastanis

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Angela Kastanis, BA, Dip Ed, Senior Yoga Teacher with YTAA and an Associate member of DTAA completed her Dance Therapy Certificate Course with IDTIA in 2011. Angela teaches regular adult yoga classes and yoga for adolescents in schools. She also offers regular Sacred Dance sessions; a creative movement meditation class for adults and adolescents on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne since 2000. She is currently developing a Dance Therapy Program for troubled adolescent girls in mainstream schools. She aims to run a pilot program in her school in 2013 in collaboration with the school counsellors.

Holding Space for Imaginative Play and Growth in Special Developmental Schools

Edition: 2012 Vol. 10 Nos. 3-4

developmental stages framework, Laban Movement Analysis, Maslow, disabilities, Tripartite model, body-self, group work

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This article is developed from an assignment Angela completed for her dance movement therapy training. It stemmed from her responses to a question that asked her to describe the movement characteristics and life challenges faced by a chosen client group. And also to discuss the special contribution that dance therapy can make to the client group together with methods that can be used, and theoretical framework(s) that support the ideas. (pp 30-34)

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