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André Austvoll

André Austvoll – Bio


André is the artistic director of Microdance, based in Oslo, Norway. He works as a dance artist, filmmaker and movement analyst. He creates cross-disciplinary work with the aim of making engaging dance cinema and videoscenography. André has a Master of Arts degree in Somatic Studies and Laban Analysis from the University of Surrey, England and this study was completed as a part of his assessment in 2004.



Alexander Technique and LMA

Edition: 2008 Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4

Laban Movement Analysis, complex patterning, evolution, prevention, habits, equilibrium

André studies two exercises using Laban Movement Analysis, to attempt to get an understanding of how the Alexander technique affects the body. Descriptions are given that describe the basic Alexander principles underlying the exercises and how they integrate with each other. Fundamental ideas are outlined that Alexander himself used to structure the technique as a whole and that formed his motivation for his lifetime achievements. (pp 30-34)

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