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Anaia Treefoot

Anaia Treefoot – Bio


Anaia is a DM and Arts Therapist, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Anaia’s background includes working with children with multiple disabilities, Autism and other special needs; Women’s Groups; adults seeking personal growth and self- understanding; and young children and their parents. Anaia gained her MA in Clinical Arts Therapy specializing in DMT then travelled to New York for internship with Dr Suzi Tortora. Anaia returned to NZ in 2010 and has been instrumental in establishing Dance Therapy NZ, and a certificate in DMT.

Opening a Pathway: Exploring DMT Training in Aotearoa

Edition: Vol. 12 Nos. 3-4

Anaia reflects on the inaugural year-long Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy held in 2014 in Aotearoa / New Zealand. Discussing the emerging profession of DMT in NZ Anaia’s article notes the need for guidelines for training and professional practice in this area. In reflecting on the Certificate program Anaia describes how It evolved in response to parallel needs in the NZ community- the needs of people who are interested in using dance as a therapeutic practice to gain knowledge and experience; and the need for more DMT practitioners in various communities around the country. The journey is one of learning and growth, according to Anaia, as the development of DMT as a profession continues to emerge in the land of the long white cloud. (pp 28-30).

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