ARBN 633105736

Alberto Dimarucut

Dance Movement Exploration: A new approach to discovering self in movement

Edition: Dance Therapy Collections 4

Keywords: dance movement exploration, dance movement therapy, psychosocial theories, physical activity

Page #: 104

Dance Movement Exploration is a new approach developed by the authors on the use of dance movement therapy in the reduction of academic stress levels among university students participating in couples dance classes. This study, resulting from an experimental investigation, explores the potential of the use of dance movement therapy beyond its classic ‘therapy’ aspect for ‘challenged groups’ in traditional settings. It contributes to the enrichment of the model Dance Movement Exploration, with methodological and theoretical bases from dance therapy, psychosocial theories and physical activity as experiential movement application. Drawing from testimonies and realizations from the participants of the study, the entire experience demonstrates that the utilization of inner processes and body expressions is signi cant both as a psychotherapeutic tool and as a motor skill learning/ teaching strategy, in the recognition of an individual’s capabilities in any physical activity, be it dance, sports or games.



Dance Movement Therapy in the Philippines: The Journey From ‘DMT’ To ‘DME’

Edition: 2014 Vol. 12 Nos. 1-2

relaxation, social recreation, physical education, leisure education, de-stressing, supporting community

Dimarucut provides a short brief on the role of Dance-Movement Therapy in the Philippines and highlights the various programs and initiatives in which DMT is being incorporated. (p. 32).

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