Australian Dance Movement Therapy: gradual change over time

The following presentation was made at the ADTA conference in San Diego, California, in October 2015. Jane Guthrie represented Australia on the International Panel who were asked to respond to the question: “What causes intense interest in DMT in your country?” Her presentation drew on the content of the panel presentation she was involved in earlier in the year, together with Tony Norquay, Jennifer Helmich and Virginia Woods. This was at the Australasian DTAA Conference, Broadening the Spectrum in July 2015, in Melbourne. From this earlier conference panel, the presenters have developed their views on the topics discussed into an article soon to be published. The presentation Jane made at the ADTA conference showcased the work of four Australian practitioners involved in diversified practice. To her this answered the question for the International panel members of causes of intense interest in DMT in Australia.

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