Volunteering for the DTAA

The operations of the DTAA are completely dependent on the goodwill of many people and new volunteers are always welcome. Activities that DTAA volunteers can be involved in include the general committee, many sub-committees, the journal and event co-ordination.

General committee membership

In 2018, the committee meets six-weekly, usually on a weeknight between 6.30 and 8.30 pm in a member’s home in Surrey Hills (Melbourne). New members and interested observers welcome.

Members who are unable to attend personally, are welcome to call in by Skype.

Sub-committee activities including:

  • professional development
  • professional membership issues
  • journal: writing, editing, admin, distribution
  • publicity and promotions
  • financial management
  • resource management
  • general enquiries and more.

We are very happy to hear from prospective volunteers at any time admin@dtaa.org.au.

Volunteering with a dance movement therapist

The DTAA does not organise or offer volunteer placements in dance movement therapy practice. But, for people seeking volunteer experience as a dance movement therapist, the DTAA can help you in the following ways:

  • by subscribing to our e-bulletin, you can read about any volunteering opportunities currently offered
  • by reading past editions of the e-bulletin, you might find some information about opportunities
  • by sending a brief paragraph to admin@dtaa.org.au, providing your name, a contact email and a short amount of information about yourself and what you are seeking, and we could publish this in the next edition of the ebulletin
  • by looking at our members’ register on the website, and directly approaching anyone listed there whose work and location makes them seem like a possible match.