Invitation for contributions

The editorial team are always happy to receive contributions to Moving On Journal. A diversity of contributions are valued, from the formal to the very informal – theoretical articles, books, music or video reviews, letters to the Editor, reflections on practitioner’s work and questions/issues for peers. This is to encourage a wide range of professionals to contribute and thereby encourage a lively dialogue within the dance movement therapy profession.

There is no guarantee of publication. The editors reserve the right to edit any material submitted. Copyright laws require that material included from other sources be acknowledged. Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia Inc.

Contributions should be sent to:
Jane Guthrie,
Phone: (03) 9592 4017 or 0419 531 218

Address general correspondence and inquiries to: DTAA, PO Box 641, Carlton South, Victoria 3053, Australia

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