Instructions for authors

1. For journal articles, use a maximum of 10 sides of A4, including references.

2. Use single line spacing.

3. Do not use any special formatting. Ensure that all headings are in lower case, not capitals, for example, Dance Therapy rather than DANCE THERAPY. Headings can be bolded, as can author’s name and date. See under 6. below. Sections of the text can be italicised as is appropriate.

4. If you are happy to do so, please include email address at the bottom of the text so that interested readers may contact you.

5. Images, graphs or photos should be sent as JPEG files ato

6. Use of footnotes is discouraged. We recommend use of endnotes. However, if the writer prefers footnotes they must be brief and only convey one idea.

7. References: Please list in alphabetical order at the end of the article in APA style.

For books: Levy, F.J. (1988). Dance movement therapy: A healing art. Reston, VA: American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Hill, H. (1993). Journey without a map: Dance therapy with dementia patients. In W.R. Lett (Ed.) How the arts make a difference In therapy (pp. 24-36). South Melbourne: Australian Dance Council.

For journal articles: McNiff, S.A. (1987). Research and scholarship in the creative arts therapies. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 14(2), 285-292.

To cite within the text, use the author’s surname and date, for example (Levy, 1988).

For any direct quote also insert the page number.

8. Please check your paper for spelling and grammar before sending it in

9. Do not anguish too much over style. However, whatever you can do will make our editing job easier.

10. Copyright laws require that material included from other sources be acknowledged.

11. The editors reserve the right to edit any material submitted.

12. There is no guarantee of publication. If you want to discuss an idea or possible contribution, please feel free to contact Jane Guthrie or Naomi Aitchison at

Deadlines for submission of articles:

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