Dance Therapy Collections 4

Editors: Jane Guthrie and Sue Mullane, with Elizabeth Loughlin, Melbourne: DTAA.

Dance Therapy Collections Number Four is the latest in a series of special volumes published by the Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia (DTAA). The twelve chapters in this volume are from an array of national and international dance movement and other creative arts practitioners who envisioned their work beyond traditional settings and familiar applications. The twelve derived from presentations made at the fourth Australasian Dance Movement Therapy Conference (Melbourne, July 2015), “Broadening the Spectrum: how dance movement therapy and other creative arts therapies can function as single and multi-modal approaches to health and healing”. They offer a diverse range of philosophical, theoretical and practical understandings of the notion of ‘expanding’ or ‘opening up’ the field of dance movement therapy in Australasia.

A Foreword from Naomi Aitchison is followed by:

The essentialness of improvisation
Sherry Goodill

The arts, the liminal space, and the visible outcomes
Elizabeth Loughlin

Puppetry enhances healing potential in dance movement therapy
Ian Cuming and Heather Hill

Narrative Dance Theatre: Creating new narratives for the self story
Cecilia Tsz Kai Lau

Integrating play and dance movement therapy
Steve Harvey

The dance of life with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Alexandra Jordan, Sharon Searle and Kim Dunphy

The importance of Fred: Dance movement therapy with children with complex trauma
Sally Denning

Enhancing expressivity using affect theory and Laban Movement Analysis
Sandra K. Lauffenburger

Dance movement psychotherapy as influenced by Daniel Stern
Brigitte Puls

Dance Movement Exploration: A new approach to discovering self in movement
Alberto Dimarucut and Gilda Uy

Broadening the understanding of breast cancer experiences through movement-based exploration
Angela S.L. Leung

Dance movement therapy in Australasia: 21st century
Jane Guthrie, Jennifer Helmich, Tony Norquay and Virginia Woods

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