The organisation is based in Melbourne, Australia, where there is the strongest community of dance movement therapists, but there are members in each state and territory of Australia, New Zealand, some Asian countries and other countries in Europe and the Americas. In 2017, there are approximately 135 members.

The DTAA has held four national conferences, in 1992, 2000, 2007 and 2015.

Since its incorporation in 1994, the DTAA has been led by a Committee of Management of practitioners led by a President.

Presidents of the DTAA:

Heather Hill (1994-1995)
Hanny Exiner (1996)
Naomi Aitchison (1997)
Karen Bond (1998-2000)
Denis Kelynack (2001-2006)
Jane Guthrie (2007-2015)
Kim Dunphy (2015- )

Annual Report

Annual Reports are available here:  2016-2017, 2015-2016 .

Annual General Meeting

AGM 2017 Minutes
AGM 2016 Minutes